Enigma Organization 13 Coat

Enigma Organization 13 Coat


Product Specification:

  • External: PU Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Collar: Laced-up Hoodie Styled Collar
  • Cuffs/ Sleeves: Long Sleeves with Open Hem Cuffs
  • Front Closure: Full Zipper Conclusion
  • Pockets: Two inside Pockets
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Enigma Organization 13 Long Black Leather Trench Coat

Casing up some of the finest PU leather shells and converting this masterpiece manifest into a wearable mens masterwork. The brilliant tar black just shines out of this Organization 13 Trench Coat that lets you forecast your vogue ventures with complete classiness. In addition to its leather fleece enhancement when it come the high-end craftsmanship, this jacket is all about sheer sophistication. The compact design traditions rooted via sew maneuverings lets you remarkably roll on with absolute ritziness. Moreover, this spectacularly dark shaded vestige comes with flawless nits and bits that keep you always in a mood of ramp-on storming spree.

The features are superbly depicted on this Organization 13 Coat that lets you suitably go on with a solid-state elegant élan. Feel supple and comfortable with a finely merged viscose lining from the insides that clusters up sheer body appease peacefulness you could dream of. This graphic game garment has touched people’s hearts with its warmth outfit exemplify petition. So don’t ever worry when you feel a hip chic low, because this jacket is only to heighten you up with the best of up-to-the-minute gesture. An attire spectacle to get you attractively going on at all times.


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